Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bite Me . . .

Vampires: I love 'em--scary, wimpy, ugly, and yes I'll admit it, sparkly as well. There's just something about the blood suckers that does it for me, and that "something" is dangerous and sensual.

I'm a little reserved. Well, maybe a lot reserved and going out of my comfort zone is a total rush for me. Just getting over the butterflies and taking a chance in asking the guy at the counter at Border's where the fantasy section was took massive guts for me. I haven't gotten the courage to scope out the erotica section yet. But I'm hopeful and I totally realize I'll never get anywhere unless I take chances.

Enter the rewrite from hell. Yes, I'm attempting yet another rewrite of the first installment of my vampire trilogy. I'm striving to get this right but the main reason is, I'm totally in love with my characters (you may get a peek on Teaser Tuesday). These characters are a little like me, and a whole lot of what I'd like to be. I need to tell their stories and the majority of the next couple of months will be spent on doing just that.

I have other works in progress, but my vampire novel is my first love and I'll always keep coming back to it. Just hope it doesn't turn out to bite me in the . . .

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