Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dance with me . . .

Let loose and join me for yet another Teaser Tuesday.

But first, let me blow of some steam just a bit. "Using" and "abusing". The words are closely related depending on the context of their usage. But in this case, they are extreme opposites. "Using" what is available is completely desirable, but "abusing" it . . .well, that's just plain wrong.

In light of the holidays and the vast amount of jobless families with children, community outreach organizations go out of their way to make these times special for as many needy children as possible. I was a frequent donator to these organizations by giving cash, toys, clothing, and food on a regular basis. This year, it seems I may need to receive instead of give. I'm not too happy about that. But I tried. And failed. End of that story.

But something struck a bad chord with me during my giving years and that was when someone showed up to get their box of goodies for each of their five children, smuggly climbing out of their shiny new BMW and texting on their Blackberry. Sound a little off to you too? Users and abusers. I've had my fair share on both extremes of those, but that kiddos, is an entirely different rant.

Speaking of users and abusers, here's a snippet from my WIP "Ride 'Em Hard" Yes. That's really the title (for now). Remember, just a first draft and entirely full of bad, bad mistakes (language, I mean) and the first thing ever I've attempted in 3rd person.

Maggie walked over to the kitchen sink and stared out the window. Eight years. Eight wasted years. She couldn’t believe she’d stayed and let this happen again.
“I’m sorry,” Bill said lighting up another cigarette. “But it’s not entirely my fault.”
Maggie gritted her teeth. She wanted to scream or throw something, but she clenched her fists even tighter and closed her eyes. This was the last straw. She wouldn’t let him do this to her anymore.
“Get out.”
Bill blew a stream of smoke into the air. “Now don’t go getting all upset over this.”
“Upset? Upset!” Maggie turned around to face Bill and gripped the counter top behind her. “How do you expect me to react? This is the third time. The third time!”
Bill put his cigarette out and stood up. He made his way slowly over to Maggie and put his hands on her shoulders.
Maggie didn't even take time to think. She slapped Bill across the face, then slapped him again and again.
“I hate you! Get out of my house!”
“Half mine, remember?” Bill pushed Maggie back against the cabinet and pointed his finger in her face. “I’m getting what’s mine even if I have to run you and your daddy's farm into the ground.” He rubbed his cheek with his hand.
“Of all people to sleep around with.” Maggie pushed past him and paced back and forth, her arms folded across her chest. “And the whole damn town knew about it! Fucking bastard. Get out!” She turned and pushed Bill toward the door.
“What the hell did you expect? You haven’t put out for months.” Bill steadied himself. His breathing was quick and his right arm twitched as he readied his hand.
“Fuck you!” Maggie stepped toward him. Tears ran down her cheeks. “It was too soon. You know that.”
“Bull shit! Can’t expect a man to stick around when there’s no action. So in reality, this is your fault.”
“You’re such an asshole!”
Bill took a deep breath, flaring his nostrils, and pulled his fist back.
Maggie braced herself right before impact. And like all the other times Bill had decided that he would use her as a punching bag, she fell to the floor as the burning spread across her cheek. She huddled into a ball and awaited the worst of him. Bill walked up beside her, his boots so close that she could smell the new leather. She knew what was coming next and she clasped her hands in front of her face.
“I’ll get what I want. I always do.”


  1. Hey! You has blog!! Adding!!

    and this is a good, intense snippet. My mom married a Bill.

  2. Does this mean you're not getting me a Christmas present?

    I agree with Bettielee, good stuff.