Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm human . . .

So sue me.

I can't begin to explain in detail what has made the sky dump barrels upon barrels of thundering storms down on me, but let me sum it up in as few words as possible--I went for it and got buried. Help! Someone send in the plows!

And get this--I have feelings. I may pretend that all is well, but I've always been good at playing make believe. So please don't use me, wipe your feet on me, and then cast me aside only to come running back to do it time and time again. My back is starting to get sore from all the boots.

It's hurts. I won't deny it. But this has made me stronger. I'll get over it and the next time it pours down rain, I'll be able to go with the flow, that is if I can get my dingie back from that blasted harbor master.

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