Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teasing . . . .

It's Teaser Tuesday!

That's right. I shall try to tantalize you with a snippet from one (of nine, Eek!) of my works in progress. Just remember, this is a first draft, so it's likely not perfect by a long stretch. Here goes.

This is a snippet from "Tell Me You Love Me". For those who haven't read about Christine before, she's been kidnapped by a psycho slasher dude. He's left to chase after someone, leaving Christine tied up and Loni (who he thinks is dead or close to it) lying on the floor. There is some bad language in this. Thought I'd warn you before you fall off your chair.

“Bastard,” she said as she sliced through the rope.

As soon as my wrists were free, I grabbed Loni’s hand and ran toward the open front door. Headlights came down the driveway.

“Back door!” I pulled Loni behind me through the make-shift dining room/torture chamber, trying not to look at the assortment of knives, chains, and plastic sheeting.
Loni was looking behind her, slicing the knife through the air as I opened the first door we came to.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” The scent of rotting flesh and vomit poured out.

Loni gagged as we stared at the dismembered women soaking in the bathtub. A chainsaw was propped up in the toilet. A fifty gallon drum of muriatic acid stood in the corner. Meat hooks hung from the shower rod—remnants of flesh still draped on them.

I hoped the next door was the way out.

Loni’s hand clasped her mouth; vomit spewed from between her fingers. I grabbed her arm and ran to the next door pulling it open.

Loni went out first, falling down the four rickety steps into a vat of mud. The lunatic’s footsteps ascended onto the front porch just as I eased the back door shut behind me.


  1. that was really disturbing and gross... which I'm assuming is the goal of the scene, so good job!

  2. Wow, that was like ewww, really ewww. I really want to know what will happen but not while I'm eating ;)
    Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!

  3. Holy crap that was intense...and ummm....scary! Yeah, that would give me freakin' nightmares for quite some time, because I could vividly imagine everything!